Sunday, March 11 @ 11:11am

Mystic Sunday Morning Messages with Athena, Swaha Ron and Divojananda

In the ancient time, Water was one of the most important elements for Healing & Cleansing. At this event, Holy water is pored on to a Rare Navapashanam Shiva Lingam received from an Immortal Yogi in India. Awakening the Shiva Shakti (masculine and feminine energy) within is the result. We will also chant 108 Healing Mantra during the ceremony to awaken the energy of Wholeness within each of us. This ceremony can bring participants to a higher state of being, taping into their true potential for manifestation. Personal sankulpas are the magic! Sankulpas are personal intentions that become supercharged by the ritual! 

Please bring an empty one liter water bottle to carry some high vibrational Navapashanam Holy Water home with you!

Mystic Journey Crystals
1704 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90291

This is a FREE event, Love Donation welcome!

1 on 1 Healing Retreat with Divojananda

Divojananda is delighted to invite those who are serious about their physical and emotional health to attend a private healing retreat at her healing sanctuary, Shanti Home, in the Hollywood Hills. A Personal Retreat with Divojananda will result in a powerful body, mind and spiritual transformation!  A Personal retreat means Traditional Yoga, Marma Therapy, Cellular Resonance Technique and Healing Journey sessions are tailored to your individual ability & need.  The retreat also includes powerful meditation, observing silence and tools to release emotional blocks.

Accommodation is very comfortable, a private room with queen bed and a full bathroom. Location is surrounded by lush canyon and overlooking the Hollywood sign.  Organic anti-inflammatory diet is included. An option of detox organic cold pressed juice is available for those who desire.

If you are interested, please contact Divojananda @310-773-8865 for details.

I would do this retreat again in a heartbeat as I experienced a personal shift which helped me embrace my authentic self. My week as a yogi provided the information needed to release the baggage of the past, revealing new people, places and things to grow into. - Kellie Hunter